1. Invoices: Bills are mailed out quarterly on the 10th or the next business day and due date is 30 days from the mailing.

2. Penalty: 5% penalty is added if payment is not received before due date.

3. Second Notice Fee: One week after penalty, a second notice is mailed out to all outstanding customers. A $5.00 administrative fee is added to the balance.

4. Service Fee: Ten (10) days after second notice, another notice will be hand delivered to the home giving the customer ten (10) days to pay the bill or the water will be shut-off. A service fee of $30.00 for the delivery of the notice is added to the balance.

5. Water Shut-Off: Ten (10) days after notice goes out, the City of Lebanon is contacted to turn off the water. The City of Lebanon’s fee of $75.00 is added to the balance and all monies owed must be paid before the water is turned on.

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